Belarusian Society’2007: Hopes, Illusions, Perspectives

society Belarusian society is a very specific creature. It is difficult to speak about the existence of civil society, as the basic institutions of such a society do not function here, or do not function properly.

And it seems there is no particular demand for it; at least this appears to be the case based on the opinion of the majority of people. Non-governmental organizations (i.e., the third sector) do not serve this function as in other modern countries due to the political situation in Belarus, where the authoritarian regime effectively prevents the non-governmental sector from conducting its basic activities. Furthermore, for the further development of this sector, there is no base of socially and politically conscious citizens who understand the role that NGOs could play. It appears that large part of Belarusian society adhere to soviet expectations the state apparatus, which results in the deterioration of individual responsibility, a reluctance to independently make decisions, and no need for free choice. In this situation – a situation of a clear threat from the state, extremely unfavourable legal conditions and, at most, indifference from potential beneficiaries – the non-governmental sector remains completely isolated from other sectors and therefore there are no possibilities of conducting programs externally directly, which effectively hampers its natural development and rules out increasing its popularity.

 (By Way of a Preface)

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